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We are Fabricators Incorporated.

Fabricators was founded in 1951 by George H. Guess. Since recently acquired by new owner in 2013, company has acquired many different capabilities. Here are the highlights of our operations:

1. 32,000 SQ FT facility for Fabrication of parts.
2. 30,000 SQ FT facility for powder coating.
3. ISO:9001 Certified.
4. All departments including Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales work on one ERP (Enterprise resource Planning) platform.
5. 90% sales provided Fortune 500 Companies.
6. Well known for quick turnover, quality products, volume ranging from 1 to 20,000 per week
7. Centrally located with ability to feed the need of industrialized states located in South and South East and Mid-South region
8. Key capabilities includes Laser Cutting, Robotic & Manual welding, 5 Stage Powder coating, Brake forming, Machining, Hardware installation, assemblies and other miscellaneous fabrication operations.
9. Fabricated metals includes Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Galvanized, Aluminized, Stainless Steel, Domex or High strength steel, other special metals.
10. Material thickness to be between 26 GA to ¾” for most of the materials. Read More


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