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CNC Turret Punching

Punching, in general, is a process well suited to mass production. However the initial tooling costs, of both the machine and the job-specific press tool, are high. This limits punch work from being used for much small-volume and prototype work. A turret punch is one way of addressing this cost.

The tooling of a turret punch uses a large number of standard punch tools: holes of varying sizes, straight edges, commonly-used notches or mounting holes. By using a large number of strokes, with several different tools in turn, a turret press may make a wide variety of parts without having to first make a specialized press tool for that task. This saves both time and money, allowing rapid prototyping or for low volume production to start without tooling delays.

A punch is less flexible than a laser for cutting compound shapes, but faster for repetitive shapes (for example, the grille of an air-conditioning unit).

• Amada CNC Turret Punch Press, 30 Tons, 58 Stations, Auto Index
• Nisshinbo CNC Turret Punch Press, 33 Tons, 37 Stations, Auto Index
• Nisshinbo CNC Turret Punch Press, 25 Tons, 37 Stations, Auto Index