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Forming in fabrication shop is typically done by a CNC press brake which is a computer numerically controlled machine where all the required parts can be easily programmed and swiftly manufactured by skilled operators. This is possible as the control guides the operator through a stage-wise procedure. Actually the simple functions and programming steps of the machine can be learned and practically implemented in the workshop.

The CNC press brake is basically a highly appealing and very sophisticated machine. Moreover it includes top grade components, minimizes wastage and has higher repeatability and traceability. This equipment also helps to save costs in terms of machine setup around 45 percent; material handling around 35 percent; inspection around 35 percent; work in process around 25 percent; and parts cycle time around 50 percent.

• Amada CNC Press Brake, 100 Tons x 10' (Nos. 2)
• Nisshinbo CNC Press Brake, 125 Ton x 10', 8-Axis (Nos. 1)
• Premier CNC Press Brake, 25 Tons x 4' (Nos. 2)